Wednesday, June 28, 2017

two year acting program SIETZKA 02

Yes. I had a history of being a dancer before this. When I initially signed up for the program, I thought, "Well, I've done 15 years of ballet, what could movement class possibly teach me at this point?" I was incredibly wrong about that. Movement is probably my favorite auxiliary class because it's this chance to be free and carnal and permissive again. It's wonderful. I miss it when I'm not in the movement class. I honestly don't know how I'm going to survive once I'm done with the studio here without that class. How has the work that you're doing in your ancillary classes affected the work you do in the acting classroom? It's opened me up. It's made me comfortable with my classmates, comfortable making choices, following my instincts. In acting class, when you go up to work, all eyes are on you. That can be intimidating. When you're in voice, and you're in movement class, you are a collective. You're part of this group. There's safety in that to experiment and find yourself in that collective. Your first year acting class, in general, is pretty close. What do you think that has to do with the small size of the studio and intimate size of the classes? I think that has an effect, the small class sizes. We've become so close because we're so invested in each other's triumphs and failures. When there are only ten people in the class, if someone does something bold and gets it, everybody's rooting for them. It's wonderful to have that camaraderie. What would you say to a prospective student who maybe was on the fence about training or was on the fence about this studio compared to another studio? What would you say to them to help them decide where they should be going? I'd say that if you're ready to take a leap and become your truest self in the best way and you're ready for that challenge, you're willing to be changed, then this is the studio for you. Maggie Flanigan Studio 153 W 27th St #803 New York, New York 10001 +1 917-789-1599

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