Thursday, October 26, 2017

Xandra Leigh Parker 3

the Maggie Flanigan Studio is considered by many to be the most professional and most respected actor training program in the United States. In this interview Xandra Leigh Parker discusses what it has been like to study in the two year acting program at the studio. How did you make the choice to study a small selective training program? How did that turn out for you? I think it's turned out great. I get plenty of time in class. I get to work on all different thing. I get to work with everybody. You get to really know everybody and it becomes a very familiar safe environment because of that, and it gives you the freedom to do things you didn't know you were capable or ready to do. I think it's worked out really wonderfully for me. And Maggie Flanigan Studio has a reputation for teaching in each student's particular needs, how have you personally experienced this approach here at the studio, whether it's an acting class or any of the auxiliary classes you're involved in? I think that's the importance of the two-year program, is that Charlie, specifically, will get to know you very well and be able to dig in there and work with you as you slowly lose the blocks that you have. I think it's important because it's such a long program you get to really get all those individual things to it, I guess. Maggie Flanigan Studio 153 W 27th St #803 New York, New York 10001 +1 917-789-1599

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